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GDAP Launces HMO for Creatives

Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) in partnership with Purple Cow and Asian Life, launch the first industry led Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) program for GDAP and its members. The HMO program is more cost efficient, has better coverage, and is applicable to consultants or independent contractors. It covers 100% congenital, pre-existing conditions and special procedures up to Maximum Benefit Limit (MBL). The HMO offers two packages to its beneficiary: Premium and Executive. The Premium Package is ₱9000 and benefits include a semi-private room with ₱40,000 MBL per disease whereas the Executive Package is ₱11,000 and benefits include a small private room with ₱60,000 MBL per disease. Requirements to avail of this HMO are the following: must be a PhilHealth member, must be a GDAP Core member, a list with the complete names, birthday, and position of the beneficiaries. Academic, Student, and Individual members are entitled to five people max for this HMO.