Why join GDAP?

GDAP offers a variety of benefits to our member studios and partners, from access to console dev kits to sponsored conferences.

We are honored to have you!

Rewards and benefits include participation in local and international events, business matching, and industry as well as academic linkages.

Represent the Philippines

Be a part of the official Philippine delegation that will promote the country and your company in various business events.

Grow your Business

Get access to local and international clients that are looking for outsourcing or partnership.


GDAP is partnered with an HMO that can provide health care benefits to your company.

Exclusive Events

Members and partners will get free access to GDAP’s exclusive events.

Console Dev Kits

GDAP has access to console development kits that your studio may use to port and publish your games.

Mentorship Programs

GDAP provides training and mentorship to individuals, studios & partners that may need help in getting started with game development.

With the government’s help, GDAP can provide sponsored access to various international events and game conferences.

Exclusive Discounts

Through GDAP’s partnership with several organizations, your company may avail exclusive discounts to software and products.

Studio Spotlights

As a valued member/partner of GDAP, your studio will be promoted across our various events and social media platforms.

Application Process

1. Submission of complete requirements for membership application.
2. We will schedule an interview to get to know the company better.
3. After the interview, GDAP will send a billing to your representative.
4. Once paid, you will get an OR and digital membership certificate, to officially state that you’re a GDAP member.
5. We will request your company information so we can include you on GDAP’s website.
6. Be ready to be introduced and indicted in the next General Membership Meeting.

*Note: All membership applications will start as Probationary except Affiliate. Completing specific requirements will render membership as Full.

Core Members are SEC registered companies whose primary line of business is digital game development or any of its related technologies and services. These include game development studios for any platform, digital game art and animation providers, game engine and middleware providers, and game consultants. Applicants who are applying to be a core member must be currently working on or have worked on a digital game.

Probationary (annual) – Php 3,000.00
1 to 10 FTE* (annual) – Php 6,000.00
11 to 50 FTE* (annual) – Php 12,000.00
51 to 100 FTE* (annual) – Php 18,000.00
101+ FTE* (annual) – Php 25,000.00
Processing Fee** (one time) – Php 5,000.00

*Full Time Employee (Part time is count as half) **Upon full membership over 10 FTE

Academic Members are educational institutions that play supporting roles in game development. These include colleges and universities with game-related courses.

Probationary (annual) – PHP 6,000.00
Full Time (annual) – Php 6,000.00

Affiliate Members are companies and organizations that are registered abroad with no local registration but employ local talents, or companies and organizations that play supporting roles in game development. These include special interest organizations, game talent agencies, music and sound studios, digital animation houses, game publishers, and game distributors.

Full Time (annual) – Php 30,000.00

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