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GDAP and DICT conduct 3D Refresher Course Training

The Game Developers Association of the Philippines, Inc. administered a 3D Refresher Course Training as a preparation for their CG Arts Training in Japan. This DICT supported training aims to give the participants an idea how the CG Arts Training will proceed. GDAP will have the Japan Training some time around June 2019. A delegation of teachers and studio representatives will undergo the training and take a test that awards them with a certificate. This certificate will credit the delegates’ technical skills in CG Arts. Upon returning to the Philippines, these delegates now have the responsibility to disseminate the knowledge they learned. GDAP, with the help of CG Arts Society and DICT, will conduct the certification test locally twice a year. This aims to give many Filipino professionals the verification of their skills to show to future clients. The training concluded by having the participants answer a quiz that is similar to the test in Japan. The overall feedback of the participants is positive and a few have shown interest in taking part of the Japan training.