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Language Localization – Translation

Language Localization or for some companies, Translation provides input regarding localizing game content. This is where in-game text, voice scripts, manuals, and supplementary development and testing-related documents and materials are translated as required to fully localize game software. The role of a translator includes identifying game content that may require revision to better suit the tastes of consumers. He also provides feedback on game difficulty and appeal for the local market, maintains awareness of game industry in assigned market (this could be any country where the game is targeted) and communicates market trends to product acquisition and development staff, and may also interpret meetings, telephone calls, and video conferences related to game development and localization. The translator facilitates communication between foreign parent company and internal departments.

He also works collaboratively with software engineers in a development environment to drive efficiency and effectiveness of the localization process. Audits document output for formatting, text conversions and graphics integration. Proofs and assesses the quality of translation work providing feedback as necessary to maintain translation quality and correct use of terminology. Translate and localize documentation and communication using appropriate cultural relevance and etiquette.