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Assistant Producer

The Assistant (or Junior) Producer works with a game’s production staff to ensure the timely delivery of the highest quality product possible.

Typically, they will focus on specific areas of the development process. This could involve handling the communications between the publisher and developer, or co-ordinating work on some of the project’s key processes such as managing the outsourcing of art assets.

Assistant Producers are employed by publishers as well as development studios. Working within a development studio often involves managing communications between different teams such as design, art and programming.

In a publisher environment, Assistant Producers will focus on liaising between sales and marketing departments and the developer, and supporting the work of the publisher’s External Producer.

The Assistant Producer’s role and responsibilities change during the development process, as different elements of the game are created. Important aspects of the job can include task and milestone planning and tracking, as well as handling review and approval processes. They are usually responsible for filing and archiving game assets such as concept artwork, marketing and press assets.

Another aspect of the role is handling any outsourcing required. The Assistant Producer will often act as the main point of contact for outsourcing companies. They must track the quality of deliverables and provide feedback.

As the game enters the final stage of development, they might organize press visits, release game demos and set up photo shoots.